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Obama Says Same Sex Marriage is OK

In Current events on May 10, 2012 at 12:43 am

I was just talking to my wife this morning about how I didn’t think President Obama is courageous enough – he has seemed content to nibble around the edges of the problems this country has, instead of coming up with the sort of new ideas we all thought he would. Well, endorsing gay marriage is not really a new idea; as far as the problems that I’d like to see fixed in the country go, I have to admit, gay marriage is pretty low on my list of priorities; as we say in the South – I don’t have a dog in the race.

However, I applaud his courage.  While my own views on this subject have been ‘evolving’ for years as well, I think he made the right decision. There are those who say they believe in a limited government – and then seem to spend all their time trying to legislate how I live my personal life. I guess they mean that government should be limited when it comes to educating children or making sure corporations take care of the people they employ. When it comes to looking into our bedrooms, suddenly, they seem to think the sky’s the limit when it comes to what government can do. These folks won in North Carolina yesterday – over 30 states now have similar laws.

I believe Mr. Obama made this decision because he too is a secularist, and there is simply no secular reason for forbidding same-sex marriages. To be honest, you’d be hard pressed to find a handful of Biblical scriptures that condemn homosexuality as well; by comparison, it’s pretty easy to find anti-gluttony scripture, yet a full two-thirds of Americans need to lose some weight. Check out the chuck-wagon gang at your local church, and you’ll see that religious folks can be very selective about which scriptures they really take to heart.

Some folks get upset when those who fight for gay rights compare their situation to the Civil Rights movement; I can see their point – one person being owned by another is really not quite the same thing as not getting to marry your gay lover – but both seem unjust, nonetheless. My wife is a Chinese national – less than a century ago, it would have been illegal for us to be married. Some good friends of mine just got engaged – he’s black and she’s white; again, this would have been illegal just a few decades ago. Why? Because a lot of ‘God-fearing’ folk decided it was wrong. Today, the country is split right down the middle on gay marriage; younger people tend to have a more positive view than older folks, but the older folks are more likely to get out and vote. But an idea or practice isn’t necessarily wrong just because a majority of people don’t like it. When you think about marriage from a non-religious, common sense point of view, you have to wonder why any person or any government body should have the right to decide for another when if comes to affairs of the heart – we should all be free to marry whom we wish. I certainly didn’t care about what the Methodists or Catholics might think when I got married – or the federal government, for that matter.

In fact – I’m going to sound like a libertarian here – government shouldn’t be making ANY decisions about who’s married and who isn’t – why are they in the ‘marriage decider’ business? Why does any US state, or any group of people within that state, feel they have the right to impose their ideas about marriage on anyone else?

To those who want to ‘protect the sanctity of marriage’ – well, good luck. Divorce rates aren’t any lower amongst church-goers than they are in the general population; in fact, in some denominations, they are higher. Where do we find the lowest divorce rates? Studies show that the more education an individual has, the lower the divorce rate. If we really want to ‘sanctify’ marriage, we should make sure our children get the best education they can get.

I realize that just because the President says something doesn’t mean that anything has changed; nevertheless, I’m encouraged to see a politician take a stand – based on reason – even if it might cost him a few votes. I hope that our politicians – and our populous – can begin to apply this sort of logical thinking to the even bigger problems our country faces.

Read the complete story here:  Same-sex couples should be able to marry: Obama | Reuters.

  1. I was just yelling at the t.v. the other day that when groups say they are for ‘limited government’, what they usually mean is government should be ‘limited’ to their group telling everyone else what to do with unrestrained scope and power(they just need little red books, ha ha). That’s how the wealthy owners of the Republican Party keep the needed support of the worker bees…”let us handle the finances, and we’ll let you tell your neighbors how to live.” And i love the phrase ‘god fearing’… as and athiest this phrase works great because when you remove the imaginary god, it just leaves ‘fearing’, which is the deep driver in these people. Fear of death, fear of ‘hell’, and the fear that if being gay were declared normal, their own boiling suppressed homosexuallity might come bursting to the surface.

  2. Although I appreciate your views and stance on gay marriage I’m surprised that someone as yourself who claims to be well educated would like claim there are only a few verses in the Bible on homosexuality and much more on gluttony. If we are looking for the word “homosexuality” and “gluttony” I’m sure you can stand correct. However if your care to study deeper you’ll fine a thread of commonality from Genesis to Revelation on how The God I believe in feels about our vices – ALL our vices not just one or two, please don’t word pick! My last comment, you seem to spend a lot of time condemning the church for all their wrongs and vices, sorry they let you down, if you’re looking for perfection from church, “Christians” or any other religious group or sect I’m sorry to say you’ll never find it. We’re all moving from one place to another trying to get better, leaving behind the bad as best we can and moving forward, some trying harder than others.

    • Thanks for you comment Bob. As I said in my post, I don’t really have strong feelings about gay marriage one way or another – I just know that I married the person I wanted to marry, and I think other people should be able to do the same. I don’t claim anywhere in my blog to be a well-educated person – although I am currently pursuing further studies – nor do I consider myself to be an expert on the Bible. I think you’re looking at what I’ve said in the wrong way.

      I’m not ‘disappointed’ in the church, nor do I expect perfection from church folks. I certainly have no desire to pick one or two words from the Bible to twist it around to my personal worldview – I’ll leave that to the thousands different denominations of Christians that populate this country.

      What I am saying is that the laws of this country should be based on fact, not fiction; reality, not religion. I’m saying both the religious and the irreligious in this country are better off when one particular brand of belief isn’t written into our laws.

      In short, if you want something to be legal or illegal, I’d like a better argument than ‘Jesus said so.’ That’s not because I don’t believe in Jesus, or disrespect what he might have said, but because I’m not sure that anyone can really tell me what he wants 300 million Americans to do in most situations. The answer to ‘what would Jesus do’ in a given situation is not something even Christians who attend the same church can always agree on. I’ve seen churches split because they couldn’t agree on what color the carpet should be in the sanctuary.

      You say there’s a thread of commonality (of truth) that runs through the Bible as if anyone who wanted to could see the answers it provides. If that’s true, then why are there nearly 40,000 different Christian denominations, most of which sprang up over some different interpretation of scripture?

      It’s wonderful that we can have all of these groups, and that people can worship God in whatever way they see fit. If you don’t like what one church is preaching, you can go down the street to the next one. Laws are quite a different matter. They have to be based on what can be observed, measured, and rationally perceived. I can’t just go down the street and live by a different group of laws – or, as many Christians do with the Bible – pick and choose the ones I’d like to follow. One church will send you to hell for drinking a glass of wine; another church will serve you a very small glass as part of the service. I don’t think anyone wants the other guy’s religious preferences imposed upon us by force of law.

      This country belongs to all of us; we have to make laws that allow all of us to live our lives with liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Make your decisions based on WWJD if you like – just don’t try to force that decision on others.

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